Lets create some inspiration together!

Live is for all the fun things in life. Love for my passions for DIY, traveling, photography, graphical design & more. And interior, my biggest passion and where it all started. Live love interior, in the past known as At mi casa, is an interior & lifestyle blog. It’s the online spot for inspiration about interior, lifestyle, DIY, hotspots, travels and other fun stuff in life. I am always in for fun collaborations! Below you find a few examples.


Do you think Live love interior is the perfect spot for your product of webshop? It is possible to place a banner, advertorial or video at the website of Live love interior.

My style

Would it be really cool to see your product in one of my pictures? That’s also possible. For example fashion, stationary, furniture, interior accessories et cetera.


Looking for a honest opinion of your product? Then you should consider me to review your product!


Other possibilities for collaboration are sponsored social media posts or organization of a contest. Of course we can discuss other possibilities. Would you like me to send me a gift, I would love that!

For more information, please send an email to or fill in the contact form.

Hope to hear from you soon!

XO XO Bianca